The Playlist - Changelog

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Last updated June 10, 2023
Format and Platform

Version 2.0.0

New features:
  • Ability to share playlists over Wifi

Version 1.1.0

New features and fixes
  • Info now appears on the song page
  • There is no default info when creating new song
  • The lyrics form app bar is now sticky on top when the focus is on the lyrics.
  • The titles of playlists in the tracks page and songs in the song page are no longer text buttons but are now text that we can tap on using a gesture detector.
  • Added pen icon on the title bar when editing songs
  • Ability to enter custom font size in the song page
Identified issues:
  • #112 Past playlists: When you open one item in the past playlists and then navigate back to the playlists page, the page displays future playlists while still showing the text "PAST PLAYLISTS.”