Figma DevMode, my suggestions, SDK, Tailwind

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Last updated June 23, 2023
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@figma here are my suggestions for DevMode:
1- create a figma sdk (figma.js ❤️)
2- host the images on figma (pro user)
3- enable css class creation with the ability to manage them in a css editor, the css file will then be hosted on figma and editable through the vscode extension 4- add tailwind support with "tailwind only" button to adapt ui. (Lots of UI don't need anything other than @tailwindcss)
5- Turn the texts into string variables. Now figma is more friendly to copywriting. And the texts can be accessed with the SDK:
worldPeasText = import figma Text(myfigmsfile)->h1.worldPeasCss['hero'] {worldPeasText['hero']}